New Western Digital Site
Quadruples Conversions

As Western Digital was scaling back its investments in physical retail environments such as Best Buy, it had to prepare to scale up its investments in digital retailers like Amazon, and ultimately turn its own website into a commerce-driven experience that could drive significant revenue as well.

Customers used to have a somewhat disjointed purchasing experience with Western Digital. The company’s corporate site was marketing the products, but was not ecommerce driven. Users would arrive at the site and learn more about WD’s products, but if they decided to make a purchase, they’d click the “Shop Now” button and be taken to a completely different Store site that bore little to no resemblance to the mothership. The process required a lot of clicks, and introduced multiple inconsistencies in branding and messaging.

WD wanted to integrate its shopping site and corporate site into one cohesive purchase experience, but did not want to ditch its existing product and inventory management solution and start over in the back end.

Modernizing in Every Way

First, the Hero team worked with WD to craft a digital strategy that tied back to the company’s business objectives, then we looked at executing on that strategy across design, content, and development, and defined key performance indicators to ensure that each phase of the project was moving us closer to the company’s business goals.

To align with WD’s more modern brand direction, we updated the look and feel of the WD site. Then, the team set about enhancing the user experience for shoppers by leveraging the power of WD’s CMS, Adobe Experience Manager. Now, all of the pages a customer sees at use elements from Adobe Commerce. So while the commerce functionality of the site still sits on Digital River, WD’s legacy commerce engine with the same back-end as before, the pricing and product information is delivered into beautiful AEM pages, creating a seamless customer experience. All pricing and inventory is fetched live, and WD staff are able to make updates to particular pages– select default SKUs, for example, hide a particular product for a period of time, customize messaging, and so forth across multiple locales.

Creating a Great Customer Experience


Our strategy, design, and UX teams also worked together to create a clear hierarchy of information on product pages, highlighting top features and enabling shoppers to see the precise details they need to ensure that they’d know exactly what they’re purchasing. The team also thought carefully about the purchase process and organizing content to guide different customer types through the website, giving them the information they need without overwhelming them. Next we set about crafting an SEO strategy to work hand-in-hand with the content strategy. We looked at how the site had historically performed, developed prioritized keywords , and provided guidelines for optimizing content and aligning it with the SEO strategy.

The Hero team also integrated two other WD stores – its student store and its employee store — into the primary site. Shoppers simply log in to see student or employee pricing, and in the back end WD staff can personalize messaging to these distinct groups. The site is multinational now as well, with 16 languages supported across 20+ sites, thanks to AEM support for multi-site manager (MSM). Regional site owners can override the content to target messaging to their specific audience or hide products that can’t be sold in their region.


To measure and optimize results of the re-launch, Hero and WD teams worked together to create and execute an analytics strategy that continuously measures the efficacy of the site. That work started in the early phases of the project, with the definition of business goals and what progress toward those goals would look like on the website. Then we looked at how best to measure progress via Adobe Analytics and Tealium, and defined a process for using that measurement to continuously improve and optimize the site.

The result is a truly integrated commerce and corporate site that provides a dramatically improved experience, both for customers shopping at WD and for other types of users who are looking for the information you’d find on any corporate site.



  • 22% increase revenue

  • 400% increase eCommerce conversions

  • 9.5% increase transaction volume

  • 11% increase avg. transaction value


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