How Sumo Logic Cut
Its Bounce Rate in Half

Sumo Logic is a cloud-based log management and analytics service that leverages machine-generated big data to deliver real-time IT insights. When the company came to Hero Digital, it had a great conversion rate — the majority of visitors who signed up for its free trial decided to subscribe, but a critically high bounce rate (70%) off its home page. The mission? Reduce that bounce rate and drive more users to sign up for the free trial.

Sumo was also experiencing ongoing security and down-time issues, which raised concerns about user retention, and the company had a broken launch process that resulted in some unsatisfying partial deployments of updates and new features.

Hero set out to improve conversion and retention of customers and to help establish Sumo as the preferred choice of developers and Enterprise buyers.

Identifying the Problem & Crafting a Solution

Hero started with a six-week audit that included interviews and a review of Sumo’s messaging and marketing efforts. The team conducted extensive interviews with key stakeholders and an in-depth review of Sumo’s content and messaging. That work was then paired with a deep dive into the site’s analytics to understand which flows were resulting in successful behaviors; from there the team created heat maps to determine which content elements were drawing attention.

All of this work led to a key discovery: The audience Sumo wanted to be talking to (CIOs, developers, and enterprise architects) was not the audience their site was actually speaking to. Key content like product information and the developer blog were hidden, and the purpose of certain aspects of the site’s navigation was unclear.

A phased approach

To immediately address Sumo’s most pressing problem — that bounce rate — Hero made key recommendations for fixing the content message, re-organizing the site’s content, de-cluttering the home page, and rolling out a simpler site architecture with a correspondingly simple navigation.

The team also recommended the creation of new content to better speak to the target audience, and a new messaging strategy to ensure each of Sumo’s key personas is being served. But, rather than either waiting for all of the content to be perfect or rolling out a half-baked site plan, the team proposed a phased approach: Start with the homepage and global navigation, measure the impact of those changes and proceed to continuously improve the site.


  • Bounce rate reduced from 70% to 38%

  • Time on site increased 100%

  • Site analytics tied to marketing & sales value

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