Pure Storage: Strategy,
Site, and Analytics

Pure Storage came to Hero back in February 2015 looking for, as they put it, a heart transplant to bolster their digital marketing capabilities. The company needed a new content management system, but beyond that also wanted to re-think how it used content to both create meaningful customer experiences and to measure the efficacy of its marketing efforts.

Pure execs — the chief Puritans — knew that they had to first invest in an infrastructure that could sustain their aspirations. They selected Adobe as their marketing cloud solution to enable that transformation, and to meet the requirement that the system not only be live in time for the company’s initial public offering in September 2015, but also allow for a continued evolution of its marketing practices post-IPO.

Progressing toward Digital Maturity

The Hero team started by establishing a new web style guide, building out the site, and launching it ten days before the IPO, driving a huge spike in traffic, which the site readily sustained. But Pure Storage didn’t stop there. The company saw its investment in the Adobe platform as a foundation upon which it could build out new infrastructure and templates, run campaigns and events, and better support global field marketers. The Hero team helped to enable that shift, and also leveraged Adobe’s multi-site capability and integrations with localization platforms to create a blueprint for rolling out different sites by tier, then give more ownership to field marketers within each of those regions. Between operating in a competitive market and needing to hit aggressive targets post-IPO, Pure needed to move quickly.

Hero helped the company define a roadmap for making product marketing more sophisticated, pinpointing the specific infrastructure and strategy needed to mature its marketing program. That primarily meant being able to personalize content, track and measure the success of that content, and become more efficient in the way in which the company was investing money with agencies and on campaigns.

Much like its evolving digital maturity, Pure’s relationship with Hero has continued to grow, ultimately resulting in an embedded Hero team at Pure Storage. Currently that team is working on creating measurement strategies tied to KPIs, business goals, and marketing objectives and then building out a Solutions Design Reference (SDR). On the creative front, Pure’s marketing efforts are becoming more transparent, more efficient, and more consistent, enabling people in all regions to create campaigns that adhere to brand standards.


  • Top┬ácustomer satisfaction reviews

  • Satmetrix-certified Net Promoter score of 79 (industry avg. 16)

  • Best-in-class customer experience

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