KIPP: A New Community
that Educators Love

The Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) is a nonprofit network of college prep charter schools across the country.

To drive innovation across the network, the KIPP Foundation hosts a community called KIPP Share that’s geared around getting all of its customers — primarily teachers and school administrators — talking to each other and sharing lesson plans, templates, advice and ideas. In an ideal scenario, a KIPP teacher working on a lesson plan in Texas could hop on KIPP Share to ask for advice from a teacher in New York who’s implementing the same curriculum. Or, a college counselor in Memphis might come to KIPP Share to find recommended resources and tools to help their students apply for financial aid. But so far, KIPP Share has fallen short of achieving that ideal. Content discovery and adoption have been challenges for the community site. In some ways, KIPP is a victim of its own success: There’s so much great content in KIPP Share that users have tended to be overwhelmed by all the options. In addition, users complained that high quality content content vetted by subject matter experts and designed to drive key strategic priorities was often difficult to find and discover.

Hero’s challenge was to design an experience that would solve those issues, but do so in a way that wouldn’t turn off the handful of early adopters who were using KIPP Share regularly.

Experience Solution

The KIPP Share redesign kicked off in early April and needed to be completed in time for KIPP’s summer conference. Hero started by digging into site metrics, user interviews, and feedback to determine how best to present the information on KIPP Share in a way that the most people could not only get the information they needed from the site, but also enjoy the experience of being in this online community. We then designed user experience testing to test hypotheses. Once user journeys were determined, Hero wire framed the site, designed new visuals, built and re-launched the KIPP Share community.


  • 100% users surveyed love the new site

  • More active users than ever before

  • 10% increase in users calling the site “intuitive and easy to navigate”

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