Crownpeak Re-brand

Merging two companies is never easy, and that’s especially true when the companies in question also happen to be from different countries. That’s just part of the challenge Crownpeak was grappling with when it came to Hero Digital. The company was interested in updating its look and letting customers know that it is expanding both its physical presence and its feature set. As part of that expansion, it had also recently acquired a UK firm called Active Standards that needed to be integrated into the larger Crownpeak brand. The two companies had started the process of merging not only their distinct corporate environments and processes, but also their brands, and needed help getting to a new brand that fit both companies’ legacies as well as the future envisioned for their new company moving forward.

More than a Logo

Although both happened to include mountain imagery in their logos, a brand is about more than a logo, and the newly merged executive team needed to work through not just what the new company would look like but what it would stand for. Peak performance was something that both companies had hinted at in their respective branding, but to hit on a new, cohesive brand for the merged company, the team needed to ground that concept in the details of what exactly they’re offering: reliable, high-quality, fully featured digital experience management.

Creating a new Crownpeak identity started with bringing the core executive team into alignment around some key brand values. After several discussions, the team decided Crownpeak’s new brand needed to be future-proof, accessible, concise, and evoke a sense of trust, wisdom, and experience. Translating that personality into a new logo and visual style guide required more thinking around what these companies had been and what they would go forward to do together. The team looked at dozens of mood boards and considered hundreds of logo types (literal, abstract, typographical, and so forth). They talked through whether the peak — a key component of both Crownpeak’s and Active Standards’ logos — should stay or go, whether the company should have a mascot, and how literal a tie the new brand should have to the digital marketing industry. Then came a color exercise to determine new brand colors, eventually landing on a magenta accent that stands out in a sea of safe blue, and broadcasts confidence and a forward-thinking approach.


  • Earned press coverage

  • Successful integration of Active Standards team

  • Modern, updated brand in less than 1 month


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